why is the insurance at geico so cheap?  why is geico so much cheaper, how is geico so much cheaper new york?  I have been shopping around for car insurance and I am surprised by the market price of Geico in comparison with most other companies. Geico is much cheaper than my current insurance company, and many other insurance companies.

How can you offer such low prices, especially with all the publicity they do? These people are struggling to get money from Geico when making claims? It just seems strange that it can offer such low prices.

Arena answer
Liberty Mutual is much cheaper! (I had to GEICO for 3 years and now I have to pay $ 600 less per year with Liberty Mutual.) In addition, Geico is not very good in the process when you have a problem. It took a month of phone and fax tag to clarify an incident tag someone in my car, so far have been classified as an accident when they were supposed to (which I get my insurance points) .. I'm still fighting with them over a year and a half later.) GEICO i boycotted ... check out Liberty Mutual Tho .. the customer service representatives is much more pleasant and helpful. plus they are much cheaper!

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